Nine Signs a Woman Doesn't Want a Relationship

Recently we did a list of the "Nine Signs a Guy Doesn't Want a Relationship with You," and it became one of our most popular lists.

So we decided to make another list from the opposite end of the spectrum. Today we bring you: Nine Signs a Woman Doesn't Want a Relationship with You. Let's do this thang.

1. She doesn't answer when you call. When you call her, which in and of itself is a rare thing to even occur these days, and she doesn't answer the phone, she's clearly avoiding you. See, there's sort of an unwritten rule in relationships that the two people talk to each other on the phone all the time. Well, at least once a day. You know, "How was your day," "work sucked," and blah blah blah. So we she doesn't answer your call and therefore, doesn't want to share this stuff with you, she definitely doesn't think of you as the type of guy she wants to be in a relationship with.

2. She doesn't text you back right away. This is sort of the same as not answering a phone call. When two people are dating, there's generally a 15-minute rule: if they don't text you back within the first 15 minutes something is up. Unless they're in the middle of the wetlands and there's absolutely no cell phone reception. When she doesn't text you back right away, she probably doesn't like you very much in "that way."

3. She never invites you over to her place. This could mean a couple things. Firstly, she could be seeing other people and she doesn't want to run the risk that they find out. Or secondly, she doesn't want you in her space. Neither of those possibilities is a good thing.

4. She delays your get-togethers. We've seen this one so, SO many times, but it's interesting because the guy just doesn't get it. Here's the setup: Guy texts the girl to set up a time to hang out. She gives a generic answer like, "Maybe I'll be free on Saturday, I'll let you know!" He texts her again a few days later, "So we on for Saturday?" Her response, "I think so!" Saturday comes and he texts her, she takes a while to respond until finally, "Oh man, I'm busy tonight. I'm so sorry. We'll do it again soon, though, I promise!" This is just a roundabout way of her blowing you off.

5. She won't sleep with you. If she's not sleeping with you after at least a month, and the two of you are hanging out, she definitely doesn't want a relationship with you. Instead, she probably only sees you as a friend.

6. She just got out of a relationship. This is sort of textbook, but we included it because it holds true. If a woman just got out of a relationship, particularly one that was over two years long, she's not ready for another one. And by "just got out of a relationship" we mean within the past two to four months. Those wounds are way too fresh to be healed by someone else, and you'll end up being a rebound.

7. She's seeing someone else. If she's seeing someone else, and she tells you she just wants a "casual" thing, she means it. It's the same with guys. Casual relationships AREN'T real relationships, but everything gets so muddled that people get confused. It doesn't mean that at some point she'll want a relationship with you; it means that she will never want a relationship with you. Period.

8. She's focusing on her career. Now, before a bunch of angry women write comments about how this is sexist, just know that Jessie is a career woman and she's agrees with this. At times when women are ultra-focused on their careers, particularly when they're in their late-20's and early-30's, they might not have time for a relationship. That's not to say that they never will have time, but when their life is about their job, not a lot else fits into the picture.

9. She calls you a "friend." This works both ways, and it's the ultimate bummer. Sorry guys. Find someone else to go out with.

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